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Star Trek: USS Hathaway is a tribute film series or fanchise as it's starting to be called in fan film circles. The pilot episode "Genesis" is a story by Brad Hathaway and teleplay by Brad Hathaway and Alan Decker. "Genesis" has no determined release date. Updates on production and episode announcements can be found on their forum.

Star Trek: USS Hathaway is a fan-produced film based in what is commonly known as the "Classic Movie Era" (or TOS) of the Star Trek timeline (calendar year 2285). With the technology of special effects and filmmaking coming within the grasp of the average user, it presents a wonderful opportunity for fans to create their own stories in this universe (or any other) that they love.

The cast and crew are located in Northwest Ohio, just south of Toledo.

As of July, the project was in an indefinite stand-by status. [1]

Central characters[]

The series currently features the central characters of the USS Hathaway as well as several recurring characters. When other stories are added, the cast will obviously grow.

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  • Commander Lara (played by Traeonna A R Wagener)

The Orion First Officer of USS Hathaway.

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  • Lieutenant R'Meera (played by Natalie Bostelman)

The half Caitian/half Human Chief Science Officer/Ship's Counselor

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  • Doctor Vorzok (played by Jerry Stanford, Jr.)

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Episode listing[]

Only a trailer had been released when the series went into an indefinite hiatus in mid-2009.

  • "Genesis" (2007) The new experimental Constellation-class starship, being overshadowed by the trans-warp experiment, is launched early to rendezvous with the Klingon vessel IKS Na'Keth at space station Regula One in an effort to stem the rising tensions between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets. It is hoped showing the Klingons the project has been discontinued and dismantled will quell fears of the creation of what is perceived by them as a weapon of planetary destruction. Further, they are ordered to investigate the current disposition (or fate) of the now missing USS Grissom and the whereabouts of the stolen USS Enterprise, her renegade crew and apprehend them if found
Author's note: The events of "Genesis" take place between Star Trek III: The Search for Spock and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Background information[]

  • USS Hathaway is filmed at STRAW Edutainment's  studio, which produces"STRAWman" an interactive children's learning and activity program.
  • It is believed that the ship is named for Anne Hathaway, Shakespeare's wife though there is no canon that establishes this.

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