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Star Trek: Unity One is a German fan fiction series by Thorsten Pick. It deals with an uprising conflict between the Federation Alliance and several factions which were passive during the Dominion War.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Main Characters[edit | edit source]

A starfleet admiral who temporary left starfleet due to a trauma he got because of the events at Wolf 359. He returned to starfleet to assist in the development of the Defiant-class. Later, he became a war hero in the Dominion War and after the war, he got the command above the space station Unity One .

The former captain of the USS Nimitz. During the Battle of Wolf 359, he saved many starfleet officers, including Joran Jakur Belar, one of his closest friends since his time at the academy.

The captain of the USS Executor.

A german starfleet captain who commands the USS Leviathan.

The captain of the USS Lightbrigade and one of the closest friends of Joran Jakur Belar. Joran Jakur Belar gave him the command over the USS Lightbrigade.

A former teacher at Starfleet Academy who became a captain in active duty due to shortage of personnel during the Dominion War.

A starfleet officer who is a very talented aviator.

The Captain of the USS Typhoon. He was a former admiral who became a captain again because of disciplinary problems.

The commanding officer of the USS Protector.

The captain of the USS Grant. He joined starfleet to become an archeologist.

The captain of the USS Nova Solaris. He became a captain because his former captain died during a battle with the Borg.

A Vulcan/Romulan hybrid who is the Captain of the USS Navigator.

The Bajoran captain of the USS Defender.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

  • The Hope for peace

The famous admiral Joran Jakur Belar should become the commander of the newly built space station Unity One, but he becomes kidnapped from the USS Titan by the Gorn, because the Gorn want to use him to eliminate Unity One.

  • The fight for peace

William T. Riker recognises the kidnapping and contacts admiral Kathryn Janeway and captain Renee O’Connor to plan a rescue action for Belar. Meanwhile, the Gorn interrogate Belar.

  • New Enemies

Starfleet ships start to search after Belar. Meanwhile, a huge Gorn ship attacks the USS Dauntless. Sovrane thinks admiral Belar is hold in detention on the ship. He uses a trick to help Belar. Belar tries to escape, but a Gorn follows him to kill him. The USS Titan and other ships arrive and attack the Gorn ship. Meanwhile, Belar is able to escape.

  • Prequel Part 1

An officer of the temporal security agency meets Belar because someone tries to use time travel to prevent the foundation of the task forces. Belar gets the task to stop him and travels back in past on board of the newly built experimental timeship USS History.

  • Prequel Part 2

The Belar of the past awakes in his room and thinks about hiding a love affair with 2 women. Later, the Sovrane of the past arrives and shows Belar a plan for the foundation of the task forces. Belar agrees to the plan and they try to convince some high ranking admirals and politicians to assist in their plan. Meanwhile, some persons search for people who help them to assassinate Belar and Sovrane.

  • Prequel Part 3

The Belar and Sovrane of the present meet their past incarnations and tell them about the assassination plan. Another temporal security officer tries to find the assassins and recognizes that someone stole an experimental X3 gun from a Starfleet laboratory.

  • Prequel Part 4

A female French senator who helped the assassins gets caught and Belar and Sovrane visit a Starfleet security building to participate in the interrogation. The senator explains the assassination plan, but the assassins change their plan. A Starfleet temporal security officer finds one of the assassins, but gets killed by him. The assassins try to kill Belar, but they don’t succeed.

  • Wolf 359

It’s Belars first day as the commander of Unity One and he has to hold a speech, but he is plagued by his traumatic memories of the Battle of Wolf 359. He tells Renee O’Connor his experiences in the battle and feels better.

  • IKC Morak meldet sich nicht (IKC Morak doesn't report)

The USS Escort investigates on a mysterious attack on a Klingon starship.

  • Invasion Part 1

Cardassia, Qo'noS and Romulus become attacked and the fleets Klingons and Romulans are sent back to their territories to aid in the defence against the attackers.

Soundtrack[edit | edit source]

Percy Keys, a user of Thorsten Pick’s forum is working on a soundtrack for Unity One. [1] The tracks 1, 9,10,11 and 12 are nearly complete. [2]

Proposed Tracklist[edit | edit source]

  1. Unity One – Main Theme
  2. Belar’s Theme
  3. Sovrane’s Theme
  4. 5th tactical task force hymn
  5. 7th tactical task force hymn
  6. The Escort – A
  7. The Pendragon
  8. The Scopiarius & The Lightbrigade
  9. Distress Call
  10. Battleplan’s fall first
  11. The fleet is marching
  12. The fleet arrives
  13. Red alert/ All Hands to battlestations
  14. Battle/Hold the Line
  15. Enemy’s defeat
  16. Victory
  17. History is written by the victorious
  18. A course for Unity One
  19. Unity One
  20. End Credits/Outro

Spin offs[edit | edit source]

A spin off about Belars time as a lieutenant at the USS Sahaladin.[3]

After the battle of Wolf 359, Captain Belar left Starfleet.One year later, he and some other officers become recruited for a special Starfleet R&D project to develop a Starfleet battleship to protect the federation against the Borg, the Defiant-class. At the beginning of the dominion war, Belar gets the command over a Defiant-class starship, the USS Escort. [4]

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