Star Trek: War Aftermath is an internet fan fiction tetralogy that takes place after the Dominion War. Characters and storylines mostly follow the continuity of the Deep Space Nine relaunch novels.

Following the Dominion War, many of the Alpha and Beta Quadrant powers are at societal crossroads. From what is left of the Cardassian Union to the Klingon Empire, many worlds face internal strife that will have drastic impacts on the astropolitical scene.

Canon and continuityEdit

Star Trek: War Aftermath continuity draws mostly on:

The series continuity is also derived from all other televised series and the first ten feature films.

Although numerous characters and storylines are derived from DS9 relaunch (i.e. Elias Vaughn as DS9 first officer and Defiant CO, post-Dominion War Cardassian politics, and the Parasite Crisis, some minor differences are evident. Most notably, Nog does not ascend to the position of station's Chief of Operations as quickly as he does in DS9 relaunch and the Bluegills' use of anti-Federation terrorist groups on Bajor as a cover for their own activities.

Other crossover elementsEdit

This fan fiction serves as a Star Trek-24 crossover (See: List of 24 characters referenced in Star Trek fanon). Events that have taken place in the 24 universe are depicted to have taken place in the Star Trek universe's history. Other elements are derived from that TV series. Each volume features a threat from interstellar terrorist organizations rather than stationary political entities.


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