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Star Trek: Wineland was a forum-based role play crossover story form between the TV shows 24 and Star Trek. This sort of role play style was unique, since anyone can not just take part, but also pick an already existing character template and then, by getting possession of the user account on the forum, expanding the basic character and contributing to the missions directly. A second unique thing was the internationality of the board: The episodes (missions) were written in English, all the rest was open for both German and English, the two most spoken and written languages in the Star Trek fandom.

STW played in the time era directly after the events of Star Trek Nemesis. The Romulans are potential allies of the Federation and the Klingons don't seem to like that situation. The Borg, the Breen, the Cardassians and the Dominion survivors have to be seen as enemies. A possible ally however could be Species 8472. Why? USS Voyager has established positive contacts with Species 8472 in the Delta Quadrant a few years ago.

Central characters[]

The central characters of Star Trek: Wineland are for sure Commander Jack Bauer and his daughter Ensign Kimberly Bauer. His wife Teri Bauer does not work on the USS Wineland though, she had decided to continue living on Earth back in 2376.

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