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Star Trek: Zealous is an e-mail sim portraying the ongoing adventures of the USS Zealous (NCC-59653), a Prometheus-class vessel. The sim itself is open and anyone can post at anytime. The sim takes place in 2379, the same year as the events of the movie Star Trek Nemesis. All sorts of events can happen, not just the mainstream storyline, but small storylines can be started and finished and seeds can be planted for the future mainstream storyline.

The Zealous is a ship of war, but in an era of peace. They're having to forge their own paths and find a way to make a name for themselves, so the Zealous will stand out in the annals of history, like ships named Enterprise and Voyager. As they do so, the crew bravely faces a number of issues and challenges, including interpersonal relationships, the rigor of day-to-day life on a starship, and much more.

Current mainstream story[]

The Zealous has been asked to transport an odd worm-like alien to a Ba'ku planet. However trouble starts as the large worms attack the crew, killing a crew member. The Zealous crew were forced to kill the alien worm. Right now a small away team has beamed down to the Ba'ku planet to discuss the situation.

The USS Zealous will be appearing in the mod: The Ultimate Universe, for the video game Star Trek: Legacy.

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