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Star Trek - Destiny is a Star Trek fan fiction series, created by TheBurritoPirate, taking place in the mid-24th century. It follows the Miranda-class starship USS New Jersey through the post-Narendra III era. It is currently in its first season.


  • Captain
    • Captain Arron Smith; Human. Captain Smith is most interested in getting the ship into its best shape. He enjoys mentoring other crew members.
  • First officer
    • Commander Odan; Betazoid. Odan was captured as a Romulan prisoner for most of his life, so he feels threatened by authority.  As First Officer, Odan makes sure that the crew feels comfortable on the New Jersey.
There are clues throughout the series that Odan is a female.
  • Helmsman
    • Lieutenant Elsie; Human. As a child, Elsie was known as "that one kid" who would boast her knowledge. Because of this, she decided to become a science officer/helmsman. She has trouble containing her knowledge, and often overloads the crew with information.
  • Chief engineer
    • Chief Dewitt; Human. Dewitt's grandfather was a chief engineer who helped build the first Miranda-class ships. Because of this, Chief Dewitt has an emotional connection with the USS New Jersey.
  • Doctor
    • Doctor Nevill; Andorian. Nevill is an Andorian, a race with a very long lifespan. The crew assume him to be wise, and often come to him for advice, of which he has none. He feels guilty when his advice turns bad.

USS New Jersey[]

The USS New Jersey is a Miranda-class vessel; Reliant-type. It is valued for its high maneuverability and cruising speeds, though its weapons systems are less than ideal.


Star Trek - Destiny is currently in its first season. See below for future episode plans.

Star Trek: Destiny Episode Plan

Ep #

Ep Name

Ep Plot

S1E1 X

Progression pt 1


S1E2 X

Progression pt 2


S1E3 X

Ghost of Starships Future

A temporal rift mixed with a Tyken's Rift causes strange events aboard the New Jersey.


A Matter of Trust

When the New Jersey is bested by Cardassian warships, Captain Smith must look to the Klingon Empire for help.


The Perfect


An aspiring scientist deals with moral issues in his pursuit to create a “perfect race” of man-machine hybrids.


Voyage of the Damned

When investigating a wormhole, the New Jersey ends up in the middle of the Delta Quadrant for a stunning first contact.


The Trouble with Trib-Borg

A merchant sells a crew member a tribble that had secretly been altered by the Borg, and it begins to reproduce.


Rule of Acquisition 34

The Cardassians and the Federation both hire the same Ferengi gun-for-hire.



A telepathic civilization forces the crew of the USS New Jersey to relive their worst memories.



A great Federation Admiral makes a home base on the New Jersey and the crew must learn to live with him.


What's Old is Wonderful

The crew of the USS New Jersey are offered the USS New Jersey-B, an Excelsior-class starship, but find they like the New Jersey-A better.


The Voyage Home

When an away mission leaves Sekar dead, Captain Smith will go back in time to save him.


  • The pilot episode uses five Danube-class runabouts, even though the episode takes place 20 years before the Danube-class was born. TheBurritoPirate has said this is due to the temporal rifts in Episode 3.
  • In the first episode, there is a suggestion that Odan is a woman.

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