Star Trek-Ragnarok is a fan comic series by SSKamui about a conflict between 2 intergalactic empires the Federation gets involved in. During the conflict, Earth is rendered nearly uninhabitable by a Bioweapon, a cloud consisting of mushroom spores. Only a small part of earth could be saved by a shield generator. The last hope of humankind seems to be an old starship relic called Ragnarok which was found by Starfleet scientists a long time ago, but this ship seems to have sentience and killed all of the old research team.

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Episodes[edit | edit source]

  • The Darkest Hour

Earth gets attacked by a bioweapon of an extraterrestrial species called the Silitheren. Only a small part is saved by the activation of the Transatlantic shield generator, but this generator was hit by a missile. If Starfleet can’t repair the damage, the shield generator has to be deactivated rendering Earth completely defenseless. Due to transporter problems, Starfleet has to send a convoy of land vehicles to transport the technology needed to repair the shield.

  • The emperor of the last days

The Federation capital was moved to the planet Skorteniopolis. During a training mission, a cadet has a strange encounter with a mysterious nude woman which knows something about his past.

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