Star Trek Australia (also known as was a Star Trek fan website created by Andrew J Hodges to display the large number of starship images created by Hodges as well as a site for fans to gain access to a wide range of starship meshes created for the 3D Studio Max 3D graphics program. Contributors also posted some conversions of the meshes to make them suitable for Lightwave and other 3D rendering softwares. There were also additional artists that allowed their meshes to be shared through this resource.

Originally called "Devilsworld" the site was renamed and moved to a new domain where it was billed by Hodges as the "unofficial Australian Star Trek site". It has been rediscovered to be active, in a different way, but the credits and email address are all the same as the original, although the email address is inactive.

The original sites are no longer accessible due to the expiring of the domain at some point prior to 12 August, 2010. Images created by Hodges still float around the web, including on STEU which uses an image created by Hodges for the background of the header image on the Main Page. Images, credits, and descriptions of the vessels depicted are also shared via the Memory Alpha Project to various websites and installable softwares like the LCARS Terminal, PADD for iPhone, and others.

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