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An example of the available avatars: actress Morena Baccarin as a Romulan.

Star Trek Avatars is a site created by FruitLoop and Artemis in 2000. The site is dedicated to making avatars for Star Trek fan fiction. The owner does not create all species, but tries to do as many as possible. As of February 9th, 2015, there are over 9000 avatars available in four sizes for people to use. Unlike a lot of other sites, Star Trek: Avatars allows hotlinking. Currently, it is run by FruitLoop and Kuro-Chan who are in the middle of updating all images, most of which are only available in the style from Star Trek Nemesis. The goal is for the images to also be available in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan movie uniforms, Star Trek: The Next Generation uniforms, Star Trek: Voyager uniforms, flight suits, and Star Trek: Nemesis dress uniforms.

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