Star Trek Continues is a Star Trek: The Original Series fan film series set in the 23rd century, completing the USS Enterprise's five year mission. The series production ran from 2012 to 2017, and consists of 11 episodes, 3 vignettes and multiple behind-the-scenes videos. Star Trek Continues was initially produced by Far From Home, LLC and DracoGen Strategic Investments in association with Farragut Films. Later on, the series incorporated its own production company, Trek Continues, Inc. after ownership of the studio transferred to the show's executive producer & star, Vic Mignogna.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The series was developed by a team of entertainment professionals who share a fan interest in Star Trek. The idea was to complete the five year mission set up by Star Trek: The Original Series, which was three years long, by focusing on the final two years. With the help of Kickstarter, the fan project was able to enter into a production stage, and included guest stars such as Lou Ferrigno.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Production Title Posted Synopsis Stardate Year
Episode 1 "Pilgrim of Eternity" May 22 2013 When the Enterprise meets up with an anomaly, a nemesis returns to create havoc for Kirk while Scotty battles the past to make the right decision for him, his fellow crewmates and what was once an enemy. 6147.3 2269
Episode 2 "Lolani" Feb 08 2014 A survivor from a distressed Tellarite vessel pulls Captain Kirk and his crew into a moral quandary over her sovereignty. 6154.1 2269
Episode 3 "Fairest Of Them All" June 12 2014 In the Mirror universe, Spock faces a choice that determines the future of the Terran Empire. Unknown 2267 (mirror)
Episode 4 "The White Iris" May 19 2015 Captain Kirk finds himself haunted by guilt from his past as the fate of an alien world hangs in the balance. 6182.3 2269
Episode 5 "Divided We Stand" Sep 25 2015 Kirk and McCoy are trapped in time while an alien infestation threatens the Enterprise. 6202.1 2269
Episode 6 "Come Not Between the Dragons" May 28 2016 A troubled creature pierces the Enterprise hull, pitting the crew against a pursuer that threatens to tear them apart. 6257.4 2269
Episode 7 "Embracing the Winds" Sep 03 2016 While the Enterprise is sent on a seemingly routine mission, Kirk is recalled to starbase where he faces an ethical dilemma that challenges the very core of Starfleet Command. 6295.5 2270
Episode 8 "Still Treads the Shadow" Apr 02 2017 The Enterprise discovers a lost starship... with an unlikely passenger. 6563.4 2270
Episode 9 "What Ships Are For" July 30 2017 Kirk struggles with aiding a society whose inhabitants view their isolated world in a very unique way. 6892.3 2270
Episode 10 "To Boldly Go, Part I" October 18 2017 To solve the ultimate mystery, the Enterprise must return to where Kirk’s five-year mission began. (Part I of the two-part series finale.) 6988.4 2270
Episode 11 "To Boldly Go, Part II" November 13 2017 The iconic mission of the Enterprise comes to an end, as Kirk and his crew battle the ultimate adversary. (Part II of the two-part series finale.) 6995.1 2270

Cast[edit | edit source]

Vic Mignogna as Captain James T. Kirk

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