Star Trek Expanded Universe

The Star Trek Expanded Universe database is meant to become the largest repository on the internet of useful information regarding the "expanded universe" of Star Trek "fanon". We cover material deemed "unsuitable" or "non-canon" by other wikis such as Memory Alpha. We'll allow articles to be written, in encyclopedic format, pertaining to the slew of Star Trek fan fiction, RPGs, the emerging fan film fanchise, and so on. We also include fanon information in articles on canon characters, commonly accepted as "fact" though unverifiable in any canon production.

Such a project is massive, and impossible for a small group of contributors to handle; therefore, we invite you to register and contribute. This is a collaborative process, wherein the readers (and those who have expanded the expanded universe already, elsewhere) expand the useful database.

This is a free, open-source wiki. Anyone may contribute or edit articles by simply clicking on the link marked edit this page which appears on every page. This makes it easy for others -- you -- to add knowledge and corrections to the collected works.

Warning: This wiki may contain spoilers! Material from any production, official or unofficial, is considered fair game for inclusion in articles. See: Spoiler policy for more information.

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