This is a list of all contributors who have appeared on Star Trek Expanded Universe's main page as Contributor of the Month (formerly User of the Month).

Before September 2006 the User of the Month didn't exist on STEU.
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September (Sasoriza)Edit


For designing a very colorful sidebar to which most articles have been converted.

October (Captainmike)Edit


For his dedicated work on all the starship articles he tackled.

November (TimPendragon)Edit


For his outstanding article contributions.

December (Sneg)Edit


For his efforts to improve the look and content of this wiki.


January (Tim Thomason)Edit

Tim Thomason

For hitting the ground running after coming to STEU.

February (Usscantabrian)Edit


For keeping his cool during heated discussions.

March (Dnoth)Edit


For all his good contributions in the past two weeks!

April (Transporter Chief)Edit

Transporter Chief

For all his good contributions for Starship Farragut!

May (Kevin W.)Edit

Kevin W.

For all his work with ranks and by popular request. (now are the ranks finally done or are you going to keep changing them?)  :-)

June (The NCC Factor)Edit

The NCC Factor

He has hit the ground running after showing up at STEU. His contributions speak for themselves, especially in the area of legit fan-universe content, such as Star Trek: New Voyages and the like.

July (Aabh)Edit


For making some really great pictures and other stuff consistent with the spirit of STEU.

August (Jrofeta)Edit

Jrofeta (contributions)

For adding serious content to STEU and his willingness to work with community standards.

September (Hawku)Edit

Hawku (contributions) - An upstanding member of the STEU community who has been with us since the beginning. Hawku designed this wiki's logo images, shows talent in fan art, and along with numerous contributions in other areas, enriches the Star Trek Expanded Universe database. (His nomination was long overdue.)

October (The doctor)Edit

The doctor (contributions) - Put a lot of work in moving The Dominion War Sourcebook: The Fires of Armageddon material from Memory Beta over to this wiki. Also started putting up some nice fanfic material based on Star Trek: New Frontiers.

November (Route56)Edit

Route56 (contributions) - For making his presence felt on STEU of late and adding well formatted articles.

December (Admhawk)Edit

Admhawk (contributions) - For adding serious content.


January (Trek)Edit

Trek (contributions) - For adding good, quality material.

February (RahadyanS)Edit

RahadyanS - For many excellent contributions from the "golden days" of fandom.

March (Leckford)Edit

Leckford - For making good quality, serious contributions (including his TOSS webcomic) and his work on reorganising rank articles.

April (TimPendragon)Edit

TimPendragon - For his work in organising STEU Project:Rewrite. He went through and tagged 99% of the MA copies and got the ball rolling rewriting these articles.

May (Usscantabrian)Edit

Usscantabrian - For his efforts towards STEU Project:Rewrite. He has performed a significant number of comprehensive rewrites to MA copied articles.


There is no CotM for this month.


There is no CotM for this month.

August (Smeos)Edit

Smeos - For his low maintenance contributions to STEU.

November (Nerys Ghemor)Edit

Nerys Ghemor - For contributing well written articles and her willingness to adapt to how STEU works

December (Robert Treat)Edit

Robert Treat - For his worthwhile contributions over his long association with this wikia


January (The doctor)Edit

The doctor - For his Star Trek: Daedalus additions and his help in cleaning up after trouble-makers.

June (usscantabrian)Edit

usscantabrian - For his extensive work on the refit links.

August (CaptainKelsoe)Edit

CaptainKelsoe - For his extensive Star Trek: Pioneer contributions since joining STEU.

October (Richmerk)Edit

Richmerk - For his high quality contributions regarding the fan fiction series, Star Trek: Banshee Squadron.


January (Kevin W.)Edit

Kevin W. - For his work concerning ranks articles and images.


February (Enterprise1981)Edit

Enterprise1981 - For his long term contributions regarding his fan fiction series, Star Trek: Lambda Paz.



Vika-crow - For his continual fan fic contributions and growing of STEU.


RTS2011RN - For his high quality additions over the last few months.

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