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Welcome to the Star Trek Expanded Universe wiki database! We hope you will enjoy editing here.

Star Trek Expanded Universe is a place for "fanon" information deemed "inappropriate" on Memory Alpha (the "canon" Star Trek Wiki) or Memory Beta (the "non-canon" ST wiki, which handles mostly books). Here at STEU we accept material from the numerous fan fiction sites across the internet, books, games, comics, technical guides, and the growing number of Star Trek fan films.

Please contribute an article from whatever source of Star Trek fiction, roleplaying, or fan film you are reading/watching (or have written), and cite your source(s). All reasonable contributions are welcome.

Before adding material, please consult our policies and guidelines, and read the Manual of Style. Also, please register so that you can be given proper credit. Uncredited contributions can be viewed as suspect.

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Remember that every article has a discussion page: Just click on the tab at top marked "discussion". If you think some of the information in an article is incorrect, please post that information and supporting sources to the discussion page first. This allows all participants to determine if there are conflicting sources (a fairly common occurrence) or if one version should take precedence over another (e.g., a canon source over a licensed one).

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