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This page is part of Star Trek Expanded Universe: Policies and guidelines.
Please read this to familiarize yourself with our common practices and rules. If you have questions, suggestions, or complaints, post them on the talk page.

Editing protected pages on Star Trek Expanded Universe is restricted to administrators only, in order to prevent abuse or vandalism. This page details guidelines admins should follow when protecting or unprotecting pages. Pages blocked from public editing will be listed here. (This does not include pages in the MediaWiki namespace.)

Pages should be unprotected as much as possible. This allows free access to would-be editors, in order to expand the useful database, correct mistakes, and build the web. (This also applies to user pages.) However, if you think a page should be protected, you may request page protection at the page's talk page or directly from an admin.

Note: Unless you are an administrator, this will also block you from editing privileges, so think carefully before making such a request. Administrators will confer and decide whether to honor your request. Typically, the page will not be blocked from public access, so please cite a good reason for making such a request.

If you think edits should be made to a protected page, use {{editprotected}}.