Star Trek Expanded Universe

A sourced article is any work which has a verifiable source.

Star Trek Expanded Universe is an encyclopedia of existing and/or verifiable (once existed) Star Trek-based fan productions. In that vein, STEU does not allow "wiki-generated" stories or characters (created from scratch on this database). Not all entries must be sourced in order to be included on STEU, but it should be noted that any entry found without a verifiable source may be tagged with the {{nosource}} tag, and may become subject to deletion.

Examples of verifiable sources[]

  • Internet websites.
  • Articles in any print-form publication.
  • Transmission via radio, television or cinema.

Suggestions for posting work[]

If you have written work, but it doesn't have a website, or a website is forthcoming in the future: there are other options for posting your work. Some websites allow for fan fiction, and many Star Trek boards have forums for fiction as well. These are just a few suggestions for easy posting of your work:

After your work is posted on a website, you can easily copy the link from your browser and add it to your series main page or episode page as a source.

Link rot[]

Due to the nature of the Internet external links may die. If that happens the article should be tagged with {{lostsource}} and the deceased links to be wrapped by {{badlink}}. This makes it clear to readers that the links are no longer reliable and may attract the attention of a person who may know of replacement links. Avoid removing dead links as it may cause the article to be mistakenly tagged as never having a source.

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