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For a listing of "stub" articles, see: Category:Stubs.
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A stub is an article which is too short to provide encyclopedic coverage of the subject, but not so short as to provide no useful information. To qualify as a stub an article must at least define the meaning of the article title. Often that means three to ten short sentences, but less text may be sufficient to qualify as a stub for articles on narrow topics, and complicated topics with more than ten sentences may still be stubs. However, in reality, many articles labeled as stubs are much longer. You can help by removing inappropriate stub notices.

Sizeable articles which lack wikification or copy editing are generally not considered stubs, and normal procedure is to add a cleanup tag instead. Small articles with little information may be nominated for deletion or merged into another relevant article.

While a 'definition' may be enough to qualify as a stub, a wiki is not a dictionary. If little or no information beyond the definition is ever likely to be included the entry should be merged or deleted.

Categorizing stubs[]

After writing or finding the short article, the editor should insert what is called a stub template, which makes it possible for the article to be flagged as a stub. By convention, stub templates should be placed near the bottom of the article.

Stub templates[]

Inserting {{stub}} to an article marks it as a general stub. If possible, add a more specific stub template by choosing one of those listed at Category:stub templates.

Removing stub status[]

Once a stub has been properly expanded and becomes an article rather than just a stub, you or any editor may remove the stub tag from it. No administrator action or formal permission is needed. Be bold in removing stub tags which are clearly no longer applicable.

See Category:Stubs for a listing of stub articles.
For more information about stubs and stub practices, see: Wikipedia:Stub.