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Userboxes are small boxes displayed on user pages that can be used to convey a user's skills, interests, and accomplishments. Users may display as many userboxes on their userpages as they wish and on any topic. However, if a userbox is deemed to be inappropriate it will be removed.

Below are examples of userboxes.

USS Enterprise Command Pin.png A userbox is a small box that looks like this.
Userboxes can come in many different styles USS Enterprise Command Pin.png
1 Boxes can have one or two sideboxes


There also exists a number of ready made userbox templates (listed below) that can be used. Users are asked not to create any additional userbox templates on non-STEU topics (TV shows, movies, sports teams, etc) and that the new template would have a use on more than just the creator's user page.

Box types[]

* Standard box
Reverse box *
Standard box Reverse box
* Double box


Double box Mini box


This template was placed here to eliminate the user's user page from clogging up wanted pages. If you are the user, please feel free to let the public know a little about yourself.

Template: {{usertemp|<>}} (edit, talk, links)Placement: User page top


Template: {{vacation|reason}} (edit, talk, links)Placement: User page top


Biographical information
Physical description
General information
Template: {{User infobox|…}} (edit, talk, links)Placement: User page top

Template: {{User data|…}} (edit, talk, links)Placement: User page top



Mozilla Firefox This user contributes using Mozilla Firefox.
Template: {{Firefox|<>}} (edit, talk, links)
IE This user contributes using Internet Explorer.
Template: {{User ie|<>}} (edit, talk, links)
NS This user contributes using Netscape.
Template: {{user ns|<>}} (edit, talk, links)


en-n This user is a native speaker of English.
Template: {{Native English|<>}} (edit, talk, links)
es-a Este usuario puede contribuir con un nivel avanzado de español.
Template: {{Advanced Spanish|<>}} (edit, talk, links)

Star Trek / STEU[]

AD Damn it, Jim, this user is addicted to
the Star Trek Expanded Universe!
Template: {{user addicted|<>}} (edit, talk, links)
adm This user is a STEU administrator.
Template: {{user admin|<>}} (edit, talk, links)
0 This user is 0 years, 0 months, and 0 days old today (October 27, 2021).
[[Category:Steudians born in {{{year}}}|Userboxes]]
Template: {{User current age|<>}} (edit, talk, links)
2371 Combadge.jpg This user is an administrator on Memory Alpha.
Template: {{Memory Alpha admin|<>}} (edit, talk, links)
2371 Combadge.jpg This user is an administrator on Memory Beta.
Template: {{Memory Beta admin|<>}} (edit, talk, links)
2371 Combadge.jpg This user is a contributor on Memory Beta.
Template: {{User Memory Beta|<>}} (edit, talk, links)
Terran Empire.png This user loves the mirror universe. Long Live The Empire!
Template: {{Terran|<>}} (edit, talk, links)
This user is a lover of small starships, like the Saladin class. Saladin.jpg
Template: {{Small ship|<>}} (edit, talk, links)
USS Enterprise Command Pin.png This user supports
Tales of the Seventh Fleet
Template: {{TotSF supporter|<>}} (edit, talk, links)

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