Star Trek Online: Literary Challenge (Season 9) was the series of Star Trek Online: Literary Challenges that took place during Season 9 of Star Trek Online. The literary challenges were a forum-based game where story topics for Star Trek Online gamers would be posted every two weeks and users would respond with entries based on those topics, using their Star Trek Online characters.

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  • Beginning with LC64, the frequency was reduced to one challenge per month with three prompts each.


Title Posted Synopsis
Literary Challenge #63 "Nightmare Anomaly" Apr 29 2014 You and your crew get caught in an uncatalogued, unusual anomaly that causes hallucinations and nightmares.
Literary Challenge #64 "The New Frontier" May 15 2014 Scanning the Bajoran wormhole, using new equipment, erupts with a massive power surge that sends your ship into a section of space that is completely unrecognizable.
A spacial anomaly forms near your ship, and, during transport, your Captain is swapped into a gender bent universe!
The USS Enterprise seeks out the USS Brattain and the Enterprise crew begins to experience their own problems, marked by an inexplicable increase in irritability and fatigue. (TNG: "Night Terrors")
Literary Challenge #65 "Myths & Lore" Oct 01 2014 Augments break into Facility 4028 and steal parts that belong to Lore. Your Captain is sent to find them, and stop them before they can reactivate the dangerous android.
Your ship and crew become the subject of a Hollywood film director's latest work.
Extra-dimensional aliens, who exist in a photonic state, cross over from their own dimension onto the USS Voyager and encounter the Holographic program The Adventures of Captain Proton and Chaotica's attacks as a threat. (VOY: Bride of Chaotica!)

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