Star Trek Online: Unofficial Literary Challenge (Season 10) was the second season of an unofficial Star Trek Online: Literary Challenge that took place in Season 10 of Star Trek Online. This season of challenges is currently in progress.


The Star Trek Online: Unofficial Literary Challenge, was a forum-based game, managed by forum users, where story topics for Star Trek Online gamers would be posted every month. Forum users would respond with entries based on those topics, using their Star Trek Online characters.


Title Month Synopsis
Unofficial Literary Challenge #11 "Delta Recruit" May 2015 As a young cadet/second officer/colonist you are approached by your future self, recruiting you to gather intelligence on the Iconians.
Even the best captains need a life long animal friend. Write about your captain's pet.
Word has reached your captain that a fellow commander in Starfleet/the KDF/the Republic Navy has gone rogue and committed a horrible crime. It's up to you to bring them to justice.
Unofficial Literary Challenge #12 "Someone To Remember Them By" June 2015 One of your past lovers, now gone, leaves you with the gift of a child; your child.
Your Captain and crew begin to notice things slowly going missing from your ship and your chief engineer begins to see connections between all the items.
Your faction insists you take on an intelligence officer, whom you suspect is spying on you.
Unofficial Literary Challenge #13 "In A.D. 2410, War Was Beginning" July 2015 Where were you when the Iconian War began?
Your captain is paired with another captain who has a very different style.
Tell the origin story of a member of your captain's senior staff.

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  • This is the first Unofficial Literary Challenge season to run without running parallel to a Star Trek Online: Literary Challenge.

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