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Star Trek Online: Valkyries is a fan fiction series based on the events of and characters within the game Star Trek Online, following a number of female protagonists from the various factions of the game. Thus far, the series has introduced only two protagonists, each with their own introductory story and a combined story currently in progress. The series begins in 2405, four years before the events of the game.

STO: Valkyries is set in a shared universe with the Star Trek: Justice fan fiction series, set in 2412-2413, and the authors have announced their intention to write a collaborative story in the future.



The following characters have been confirmed as main protagonists of the series, and as such have received their own episodes introducing them. As per the unofficial name "Valkyries" all are female.

One other Valkyrie has appeared in the combined Valkyries-Justice universe. Though her only appearance was a brief scene in "Justice: Vengeance," an introductory story for her in the Valkyries timeline is expected. An introductory story has also been promised for T'Paie, the Starfleet officer who communicates with Section 31 in the epilogues of "The Best Revenge" and "Survivors of Yamatai," which would make her a Valkyrie as well. A fifth and final Valkyrie has been announced for the Klingon faction, and her story is expected to be the next episode in the series to be released.


Supporting cast and characters from the Federation faction, ordered by place of service.


Supporting cast, characters, and antagonists from the Klingon faction, ordered by place of service


Characters or antagonists that do not belong to any of the main factions.


Thus far, the series contains three episodes. Listed with each story are the time at which it is set in the series' continuity and which Valkyries appear in it.

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