Star Trek Protector is a planned fan film series, set in the JJ Abramsverse at the same time as Star Trek and Star Trek into Darkness and follows the crew of the USS Protector NCC 1708, the sistership of the USS Enterprise.

This fan film series replaces the previous scheduled series that was due to be released in 2008, but was canceled due to loss of work and finances.

Setting[edit | edit source]

Starship[edit | edit source]

The USS Protector (NCC-1708) is a Federation Legacy-class starship. The Eighth of her class, she was launched early from space dock to slow down the Narada in reaching Earth and although not completely finished she slowed Nero down, helping the Enterprise get to Earth in time.

Characters[edit | edit source]

The CO of the Protector is Captain Scott Robb. Born on Earth, son of Admiral Charles Robb and Tracy Robb. Scott loved the Federation and Starfleet as a child. This was due to the fact his father served as a Starfleet Officer, in which he died an Admiral.

While at Starfleet Academy, Scott met his friend Doctor Issy Tempest, who later became the Protector's Chief Medical Officer.

Backround[edit | edit source]

Earlier concepts for Star Trek Protector announced in 2007-2008 planned for the series to be set in the 24th century, aboard the Legacy-class USS Protector. Images of that vessel still exist online, and the Hidden Frontier forums still list the early information.

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