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Star Trek Renegade is an upcoming CGI fan film production from Greg Stitz. It follows the crew of the USS Renegade, a Lion-class cruiser, during the early 23rd century.


The film was first announced in production on February 1st, 2011, and is currently in pre-production, with the script still being written, as well as establishing characters and locations.

Plot detailsEdit

The movie will keep to the 60's style of the Star Trek: The Original Series, and sport such themes as humor, love, isolation, horror, loss/sorrow, mystery, and adventure. The majority of the film will take place in another part of the universe, to prevent continuity errors with established canon. It has been suggested that Renegade will be the first in a trilogy.

A new robotic alien threat, one called the Machina, is considered to be the main villain, as well as the dangers of space exploration itself.

As of February 5th, 2011, Montgomery Scott was been confirmed for a cameo role in the movie.

On February 9, 2011, Captain Dave Metlesits and the crew of the USS Polaris were slated to make a guest appearance in the film. Montgomery Scott was also removed from the film, the creator wanting to keep the film free of famous characters from Star Trek and to prevent any tampering with the Prime Timeline. The main characters of the film should be able to deal with situations on their own.

Plot SummaryEdit

In space, there are worse things than death. -Captain Elli Varamir

The USS Renegade investigates the mysterious Galaxy-planet. They subsequently become lost in an unknown part of the universe and encounter a hostile race known as the Machina.


USS Renegade

  • Admiral Malcolm Rouge
  • Captain Elli Varamir – Command
  • Commander Matthew Harris - Command Intelligence
  • Lt. James Mitchel – Communications
  • Lt. Commander April Harris – Engineering
  • Dr. Rachel Bulski – Medical
  • Ensign Caitlyn Velaras – Helm
  • Lt. Rill Smiths – Navigation
  • Ensign Frank Morris - Defense Stations
  • Lt. Melinda Hewit – Environmental Stations
  • Ensign Phillips – Security
  • Ensign Lauren – Security
  • Ensign Ronsen – Security
  • Lt. Marc Rogers – Command

USS Polaris

  • Captain Dave Metlesits
  • Ainsworth
  • Vasily Nussbaum

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