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Star Trek Reviewed is a blog designed to work as an indexing website for Star Trek Fan Films and Fan Audio Productions. It also links to reviews of both Fan Made Trek and Professional Trek and provides links to watch both online, where available.

It includes links to websites which claim to offer all Star Trek Television shows for online viewing, as well as links to over 500 complete Star Trek Fan Films and over 200 complete episodes of Star Trek Fan Audio Dramas. There are also sections on films and videos about Star Trek Fans, professional comedies and parodies, brick, and non-English language Star Trek Fan productions and subtitles. Star Trek Reviewed also offers a map which shows where Fan Films are being made around the world.

The website is organized by time period, but not by universe or type of presentation. As a result, a story set at the time of The Original Series on the original timeline in the original universe would be in the same group as one base on the J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie, or one in the Mirror Universe. Live action films are mixed with stop action animation, traditional flat animation. flash, mechinima, and 3D animation. Fan Films Makers qualify as "Major" fan filmmakers which get their own web page if they have produced films that are at least 10 minutes long and tell a full story.

The time periods are:

  • Pre-Stone Age (Prior to 2149)
  • Stone Age (2150-2249)
  • Golden Age (2250-2349)
  • Silver Age (2350-2449)
  • Bronze Age (2450-2629)

Notes on the website acknowledge it may become necessary to expand this timeline as there are fan films in the pipeline set after 2629.

Other features of Star Trek Reviewed include:

  1. "Headline News" which announces the release of new or newly discovered complete, finalized, and ready-to-watch Star Trek Fan Films.
  2. A rating system which rates fan films from 0 to 5 based on set criteria set out in the website. The films rated 5 are listed in a section called, "Quick Pick Treasures."
  3. A section on films from Go!Animate.
  4. A section which lists Star Trek Audio Drama and Comedy productions
  5. Links to other Star Trek guides and indexes.
  6. A select listing of materials that are fan productions which are neither films nor audio, but which may be mistaken for them.

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