The Star Triangle Advanced Guard (STAG) was a quasi-independent agency under the authority of the "United Federation of Planets" with a fleet of ships. The name comes from the triangle of bright stars in the Federation emblem. STAG has acquired and combined technologies from many galactic powers, and even from civilizations in other probability axes (non-Star Trek continuities) such as those of Stargate or Star Wars. (Adventures of STAG) (Note: Some of the technology and/or new faction names, such as the Hyper-Impulse drive or the Romulan Republic seem to have been taken from Star Trek MMORPG Star Trek Online)


In 2390 the Borg have opened peaceful relations with the Federation, Cardassia is a Federation member planet, the Romulan Star Empire has been reorganized into the Romulan Republic, and there is talk of the Klingon Empire becoming a formal member of the Federation. In this time of peace some of Starfleets finest band together to explore the new frontiers opened by a new technology that allows the generation of artificial wormholes to anywhere and acquire new technologies from those fresh frontiers.



  • The "Shinzon affair" opens the door for formal talks with the Romulans, leading to peace accords with the Romulan Star Empire. For the first time in history, the Federation enjoys a stable peace on all fronts.


  • The government of the Romulan Star Empire is dissolved, and the Romulan Republic is born. Romulus signs peace treaties with the Federation and the Klingon Empire. The Tal Shiar is disbanded by government order.


  • Cardassia joins the Federation.
  • The Klingon Empire begins talks of formally integrating with the Federation.


  • The Romulan Republic opens itself to discussions of possibly uniting with the Federation. With Romulus destroyed, a new capital is set up for that purpose.


  • STAG is created.


Propulsion technologiesEdit

Defensive technologiesEdit


Personnel technologiesEdit

  • Neural Interface Net
  • Isomorphic projection
  • Force fields
  • MCID (Mobile Computer and Interface Device)

Other technologiesEdit

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