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Starbase 11 was a Federation facility, in use from the 22nd to at least the 24th centuries. Located in the Saken sector, it was the closest base to Planet Q, and had the facilities to repair numerous starships.

In DIS: "If Memory Serves", Starbase 11 is said to be two light-years from Talos IV.

It was located on a planet named Yko. It was described as having "a constant tropical climate, brilliant blue oceans, and lush green forests." (Star Trek: The Next Generation novel: Moments Asunder)

22nd Century[]

Starbase 11 was constructed by Terrans ca. 2150, shortly before the Earth-Romulan War; it was "one of the few Earth facilities to be constructed planetside." (Star Trek: New Worlds, New Civilizations).

23rd Century[]

In 2246, Brett Anderson was stationed at Starbase 11 when he received a distress call from Tarsus IV. (Star Trek: Discovery novel: Drastic Measures)

USS Intrepid was in drydock for repairs at Starbase 11 in 2267, as was the USS Enterprise. (TOS: "Court Martial")

The portmaster at the time was Commodore Stone; Commodore José I. Mendez would be seen as its commanding officer later. (TOS: "The Menagerie")

Later that year, on stardate 3012.4, after suffering severe delta radiation poisoning, Fleet Captain Christopher Pike was sent to Starbase 11 where he received the best medical treatment at the base's Sector General Hospital. Pike received a visit from Ambassador Spock from the year 2373 who offered some encouraging words and promised that life was worth living. (Star Trek: New Voyages: "In Harm's Way")

On stardate 9209.13, Edward Tunis was promoted to the rank of captain and placed as commanding officer of the newly-commissioned USS Lexington (NCC-1703-B). His command crew almost completely placed except for a chief medical officer and chief science officer, who would be assigned upon arrival at Starbase 11 in a few weeks. (Tales of the Seventh Fleet)

The USS Saratoga docked at Starbase 11 on stardate 9618.9 and shortly thereafter Captain Edward Stanfield was informed of his transfer to the command of the USS Valkyrie. The Valkyrie later returned to the base for resupply and repairs following a skirmish with Romulan forces. At this time the Starbase was commanded by Vice Admiral David Markoweitz. (Star Trek: Valkyrie: "New Command", "The Road to Tomed")

24th Century[]

In 2351, the Cardassians raided the Federation settlement on Planet Q, killing thousands of colonists, including all but the two youngest members of the Eyler family. The starships USS Intrepid and USS Cairo were dispatched from Starbase 11, but before they reached the colony, three Klingon vessels arrived to defend the planet. The combined power of the Starfleet and Klingon ships drove the Cardassians away. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

In the year 2368, Captain Robert Wright was in charge of Starbase 11. (Star Trek: Minnesota: "The Price of Freedom")

In an alternate timeline, the Gorn made a sneak attack on Starbase 11 in September 2375 during the Federation-Gorn Conflict. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

Shortly after the end of the Dominion War in 2375, the starbase commemorated 225 years of continuous service to first the Earth Starfleet and then the Federation Starfleet. Admiral Michael Carlin had been in command of Starbase 11 for 28 years.

Admiral Leonard McCoy was at the commemoration and recalled a Lieutenant Harvey Hildebrandt, a weapons officer injured during a Klingon attack on the base in 2298. (Star Trek: New Worlds, New Civilizations).

In 2387, Admiral T'Raan was the starbase's commanding officer. (Moments Asunder)