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Starbase 28 was a United Federation of Planets facility active in the 23rd century. The starbase was located close to Tinue, a red giant star. (Orion Press: "Until Judgement")

The planet-based facility had structures of a very utilitarian design that evoked a "businesslike" atmosphere. Under normal conditions, the sky was green.

In the late 2250s or early 2260s, Starfleet Academy cadet Thira Sidhu underwent a simulation here to gauge how she would react in a situation where the life of a loved one was on the line. She passed the test and was assigned to the USS Enterprise under Captain Christopher Pike for the remainder of her semester. (Short Treks: Ask Not)

Leslie Brennan had been assigned to this starbase in 2276 as an engineering specialist. By 2304, she had become chief engineer of the attack carrier USS Vella Core. (Star Trek: Avenger: "Star Survey")

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