Star Trek Expanded Universe

Starbase 332

Starbase 332 is a Federation outpost near the Romulan Neutral Zone, orbiting a gas giant, the only planet in the Jovus system.

Starbase 332 was built in 2344, following the Narendra III attack, but saw no combat in the next quarter century. In the 2370s, the base was under the command of Captain Winston Howards. The station's primary function was to monitor the Neutral Zone and Romulan ship movements. A Rapid Response Team was stationed on the base as well as a significant number of Starfleet Intelligence and Federation Intelligence Service personnel.

The starbase had a complement of three Danube-class runabouts and 15 shuttlecraft. The USS Cheron was also assigned to the base for tactical support. (RPG netbook: Shatters of Peace: The Romulan Neutral Zone Campaign, Vol. II)