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This article is about the Lyran starbase. For the United Federation of Planets facility, see Starbase 47.

Starbase 47 was a Lyran starbase that contained at least 100 decks and was the frontline headquarters of the Lyran count Fikrohn during the Generation War. It was the headquarters of the Iron Fang County forces, who answered to the Enemy's Blood Duchy. It also served as shipyards, although there were drydocks used mostly for repairs. (RIS Bouteina)



There was a bakery manned by Vulcan bakers and that made specialty breads: sourdough, pumpernickel bread, baguettes, Bajoran bread, as well as other varieties, of which the crew of the RIS Bouteina has managed to fleece in a two-week span, thus eating all the bread of the starbase during that span. This bread shortage compelled Brianna Reiss to pilot a bigger ship than an attack fighter for the first time in her lifetime, in order to pick up a flour shipment in the Heimdal system. (RIS Bouteina: "Broken Bread")

Carpet shop[]

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The carpet shop in the starbase was high enough to span two decks and still be able to contain elephants even fully stocked. It sold iCarpets and, when carpet demand peaked, the shop could be fleeced entirely, despite the size of the inventory. (RIS Bouteina: "My Carpet, Tis of Thee")


Apparently, Starbase 47 held enough holodecks so that all the survivors of the Battle of Krypton could use all the facility's holodecks on a three-shift basis. (RIS Bouteina: "Broken Bread")

Commanding officers[]