Starbase Echo is a Unity-class starbase that became operational on stardate 54247.5 (April 1, 2377). It is located in the Beta Quadrant just three lightyears from the Federation border with the Borderland; the closest star system is Alpha Leonis, where there are eight planets under the name Regulus. This class of starbase is designated as a "defense-enhanced diplomatic complex". (Star Trek: Between the Stars

History Edit

Construction of the starbase began in the early months of 2372 at the Regulus Fleet Yards and continued steadily around the clock until the outbreak of the Dominion War, when the work crews were reduced from three to one in order for the second and third rotations to be redistributed to starships in need of personnel. The one remaining crew worked double shifts in order to keep the base's construction schedule from falling too far behind. One of the lead structural engineers was Hyasieth Zael'Izani, the first Vastran to request admittance to Starfleet. Based on her intimate knowledge of the starbase's layout, she would later be named executive officer.

After the war's end in December of 2375, 24-hour construction resumed on Starbase Echo. Crews again worked double shifts to get construction back on schedule, and in fact were so diligent in their duty that Command declared the station ready to go operational a full two months ahead of schedule.

One of the main purposes of Starbase Echo -- besides re-stabilizing commerce in the region -- was to promote cooperation between two of the Federation's military: Starfleet and the Border Patrol. As such, the staff of the station would be a combination of Fleet and BP officers, and Echo would be home base to a fleet from both branches.

In December of 2376, Captain Natale of Sanctuary was notified by Starfleet Command that she and the officers assigned to Sanctuary were being transferred back to Federation space much earlier than planned (the projected time in Cardassian space was a minimum of two years). Due to their experience operating a starbase in hostile territory -- and Echo's proximity to the Borderland -- the crew were deemed the best possible candidates for running the new station.

Senior Officers Edit

  • Commanding Officer - Captain Synnove Natale (Orion)
  • Executive Officer - Commander Hyasieth Zael'Izani (Vastran)
  • Tactical Defense Officer - Commander Jordan Kelley (Human)
  • Station Counselor - Commander Anjali (Genetically Engineered Hybrid)
  • Senior Science Officer - Lieutenant Commander Catherine Ross (Human)
  • Chief Medical Officer - Lieutenant Commander Thackery (Josen) Nade, M.D. (Joined Trill)
  • Chief Engineer - Lieutenant Ayani (Naori)
  • Senior Docking Control Officer - Ensign Felicity Bowman (Human)
  • Chief of Security - Master Chief Petty Officer Dilik Zram (Bolian)

Note Edit

The Unity-class starbase was created by Joran Belar and designed by The Animaniac. It is used in the BtS universe with permission.

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