Starbase Expanse 12, also known as Dante Station, was a top-secret Federation deep space station, primarily conducting research and development, in the Devil's Cradle. Drs. Henrik and Samantha Delaney successfully completed their folded space drive aboard Dante Station in 2371.

Dante Station was perfectly secluded and shrouded in its position in the dense Devil's Cradle, making the perfect location for a top-secret R & D facility.

After Henrik Delaney's disappearance with the folded space drive prototype aboard the USS Rutherford, and the USS Prospect-A's near destruction in attempting to track them down, in 2372, the Na'arbi agent known to Starfleet as Captain Hahn Jun-Seok visited Dante Station and wiped all computer records and destroyed all known prototypes and related schematics and equipment of the folded space drive. After the loss of her husband and her twin daughters aboard USS Voyager, Samantha Delaney slowly went insane, undetected by her team and co-workers on Dante Station.

In 2372, Samantha Delaney successfully completed two more folded space drives, booby-trapping Dante Station with one and stealing the other. The initial triggering of the folded space drive on Dante Station killed all 12 scientists on board, allowing Delaney to escape with the second prototype. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "An Innocent Time")


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