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Starfleet Command was a message board RPG that was previously known as Delta Fleet, based around Starfleet in the late 24th century.


Starfleet Command was comprised of dozens of members, all of whom roleplay characters on several starships and starbases assigned to Starfleet.


The site was last governed by Fleet Admiral Hunter Dunbar, assisted by the Command Staff. The ships and bases are divided into four fleets, all of which are run by a Fleet Commanding Officer. Each Fleet is broken down into Task Forces, all of which are run by a Task Force Commander. Ship Commanders report to the Task Force Commander, who reports to the Fleet Commanding Officer, who then reports to the Command Staff.

President of the UFPEdit

Fleet staffEdit

Ships and starbasesEdit

First FleetEdit

Task Force 1Edit

Task Group 1-1Edit
Task Group 1-2Edit
Task Group 1-3Edit

Task Force 2Edit

Task Group 2-1Edit
Task Group 2-2Edit
Task Group 2-3Edit

Task Force 3Edit

Task Group 3-1Edit
Task Group 3-2Edit
Task Group 3-3Edit

Second FleetEdit

Task Force 4Edit

Task Group 4-1Edit
Task Group 4-2Edit
Task Group 4-3Edit

Task Force 5Edit

Task Group 5-1Edit
Task Group 5-2Edit
Task Group 5-3Edit

Task Force 6Edit

Task Group 6-1Edit
Task Group 6-2Edit
Task Group 6-3Edit

Third FleetEdit

Task Force 7Edit

Task Group 7-1Edit
Task Group 7-2Edit
Task Group 7-3Edit

Task Force 8Edit

Task Group 8-1Edit
Task Group 8-2Edit
Task Group 8-3Edit

Task Force 9Edit

Task Group 9-1Edit
Task Group 9-2Edit
Task Group 9-3Edit

Fourth FleetEdit

Task Force 10Edit

Task Group 10-1Edit
Task Group 10-2Edit
Task Group 10-3Edit

Task Force 11Edit

Task Group 11-1Edit
Task Group 11-2Edit
Task Group 11-3Edit

Task Force 12Edit

Task Group 12-1Edit
Task Group 12-2Edit
Task Group 12-3Edit

NPC ShipsEdit

Previous staffEdit

Previous NPC ShipsEdit

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