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For continuity-specific version of the Starfleet Marine Corps, see Marine.

The Starfleet Marine Corps, or SFMC, is the ground forces combat branch of the Starfleet of the United Federation of Planets. (Starfleet International)


Starfleet Marines are trained at the Starfleet Marine Corps Academy. This Academy's campuses are on the same grounds as those of the Starfleet Academy's various campuses, and the campuses of both Academies often share faculties; some such campuses are "two-in-one" campuses that actually train personnel for both services at once.

All Starfleet officers who accept assignment to Starfleet Intelligence or the Security And Tactical Division of the Star Fleet Support Services Section are subjected to an accelerated course of SFMC training in a holographic environmental simulator program called "The Crucible." This program has the effect of subjecting the prospective Star Fleet Marine to the equivalent of four long years of SFMC training in the span of only two short weeks. The entire roster of Marine Strike Group No. 791, except for its founding Officer-In-Charge, then-Lieutenant FrioDraca, received its training as Star Fleet Marines in this manner. (Starfleet International)


Starfleet Marines wear distinctive uniforms with details that can be varied depending upon the wearers's duties and/or section assignments. The most recognizable Star Fleet Marine uniforms are the "Monster Black" Class A-Prime dress uniforms, which resemble the 2280s officer uniforms except for having outer tunics whose color is black, rather than maroon ("blood") as those of regular Starfleet personnel from the 2280s were, and which incorporate black berets on the wearers's heads. More commonly, however, Starfleet Marines wear Class B uniforms which more closely resemble regular Starfleet uniforms except for incorporating eight-sided visored black caps on the wearers's heads.

Starfleet Marines are not allowed to wear their headgear indoors whenever they are not carrying weapons.