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The Starfleet Simulation Group (abbreviated SSG) started circa 1996 and finished circa 2002 not long after the Deltafleet (DQF) sims left the group due to disagreements with how the group should be run. The group ran along a semi-democratic process where the head of group (Commander in Chief) and Deputy Commander in Chief where elected by the participants of the sims. The Game Masters (GM's) formed a council in which matters where discussed and voted upon. The first election in 1997 saw the original founders of the group voted out and a new CinC elected. The 1997-1998 was a turbulent period as the group was almost torn apart by differences of opinion in how the group should be run between the largely European GM's and the American CinC, the original GM's council was dissolved in favor of a cabinet and Captain's council analogous to a lower and upper house, with the CinC having veto rights. Come the 1998 election a new CinC and DCinC where elected on a campaign of returning to simming and the two bodies created by the previous administration where dissolved and a new body created where every members vote carried equal weight. SSG ran both IRC and PBEM based sims. Given the paid nature of IRC sims it allowed them to interact with each and perform joint missions, even the PBEM based sims where used for an attempt at a yearly group wide mission, the first such attempt revolved around The Entity storyline.

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