The Twelfth Fleet was a numbered fleet in the United Federation of Planets Starfleet, active during at least the 23rd and 24th centuries.

Ships of the Star Fleet (Chris Wallace) continuityEdit

In 2377-78, the command base of the Twelfth was Starbase 343. (Ships of the Star Fleet, Vol. 4: Star Fleet Operating Forces. )

The Starfleet MuseumEdit

Squadrons using the newly-built Penguin-class fighter are sent to serve aboard Al-Burak-class carriers assigned to the Twelfth Fleet along the Federation/Kzinti border in 2231. (The Starfleet Museum: 23rd-Century Carriers and Fighters)

The 44th Attack Squadron, embarked on USS Tiamat, was the first Penguin unit to see action, in January of 2233 when it destroyed a Kzinti staging area at Monaba. (23rd-Century Carriers and Fighters)

Star Trek: Hidden Frontier continuityEdit

In the post-Dominion War period, the 12th was assigned to Sector 441. Its command base was Deep Space 12.

Star Trek: Black Hawk continuityEdit

The Twelfth Fleet and Starbase Twelve is featured in the most recent stories of Star Trek: Black Hawk. Starbase Twelve, also known as Starbase Rockford, is on the Cha'ouwian/Federation Border and takes place after the Dominion Wars at the end of the 24th Century.

USS Navajo continuityEdit

Vice Admiral Pádraigín Suzuki, a native of the Broken Drive colony, commanded the 12th Fleet in the last years of her career before retiring in 2380 at age 65.

Starships of the 12thEdit


The Twelfth Fleet was also the nickname for the Starfleet International chapters based in Region 12 — in the states of Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.

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