Rank insignia is worn on the left breast of the uniform. (Star Trek: Discovery)

Divisions[edit | edit source]

Command Operations Sciences
Gold (2240s-2250s).png Bronze (2240s-2250s).png Silver (2240s-2250s).png

Officers[edit | edit source]

ENS ENS Gold (2240s-2250s).png ENS Bronze (2240s-2250s).png ENS Silver (2240s-2250s).png
LTJG LTJG Gold (2240s-2250s).png LTJG Bronze (2240s-2250s).png LTJG Silver (2240s-2250s).png
LT LT Gold (2240s-2250s).png LT Bronze (2240s-2250s).png LT Silver (2240s-2250s).png
LCDR LCDR Gold (2240s-2250s).png LCDR Bronze (2240s-2250s).png LCDR Silver (2240s-2250s).png
CDR CDR Gold (2240s-2250s).png CDR Bronze (2240s-2250s).png CDR Silver (2240s-2250s).png
CAPT CAPT Gold (2240s-2250s).png CAPT Bronze (2240s-2250s).png CAPT Silver (2240s-2250s).png

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