James Kirk wearing the wraparound tunic uniform.

See Starfleet ranks (2250s) and Starfleet ranks (2260s) for the main article on ranks in these eras.

In the 23rd century Starfleet, on certain variant uniforms, such as the "wraparound tunic" popular with senior officers, rank insignia were worn as stripes on both sides of the collar for officers. As with a majority of Starfleet's uniforms, these insignia and the corresponding uniform designs were gradually introduced and worn over the years by Starfleet personnel in multiple realities. (TOS)

Command[1] Operations[2] Sciences[3]
Enlisted crew and ensign 2200s - E (Command).png 2200s - E (Operations).png 2200s - E (Sciences).png
Lieutenant junior grade 2200s - LTJG (Command).png 2200s - LTJG (Operations).png 2200s - LTJG (Sciences).png
Lieutenant 2200s - LT (Command).png 2200s - LT (Operations).png 2200s - LT (Sciences).png
Lieutenant commander 2200s - LCDR (Command).png 2200s - LCDR (Operations).png 2200s - LCDR (Sciences).png
Commander 2200s - CDR (Command).png 2200s - CDR (Operations).png 2200s - CDR (Sciences).png
Captain 2200s - CAPT (Command).png 2200s - CAPT (Operations).png 2200s - CAPT (Sciences).png
Fleet captain 2200s - FCAPT (Command).png 2200s - FCAPT (Operations).png 2200s - FCAPT (Sciences).png
Flag officer 2200s - CDRE (Command).png 2200s - CDRE (Operations).png 2200s - CDRE (Sciences).png

References[edit | edit source]

  1. The green command division wraparound with collar ranks appeared in canon Star Trek: TOS-era productions in Season 1 only, and only on Captain Kirk, although one other senior officer in the 2250s wore the shirt in Star Trek: Early Voyages comic #2. Kirk switched to a sleeve-ranked version used through TOS season 2 after this one fell out of visible use.
  2. The khaki operations division wraparound was seen worn as surplus by Charlie Evans in "Charlie X", TOS season 1. Its division is inferred since it is a similar color to the old ops uniforms seen in that episode.
  3. This is a conjectural variation.
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