Starfleet uniforms of the late 2260s and early 2270s were instantly recognisable by their bright primary colours and minimal design. (Star Trek: The Original Series) The lead designer was Admiral Talunas. (38589 Years Difference) (The Overlooked Designer)

Dress uniform Edit

The most formal variant worn on starships combined a Nehru-style jacket worn over black trousers and black boots. The jacket was made of a shiny fabric, and had gold braid along the front, collar, and sleeves according to the wearer's rank. Women could instead wear a dress (over black tights and boots). Senior officers wore it with medal ribbons, and lower ranks an assignment badge. (TOS: "Court Martial", et al.)

The colour of the jacket or dress was green for command division, red for engineering and services, and blue for sciences and medicine.

Duty uniform Edit

Standard uniform Edit

Exeter tti jo harris

Blue for sciences.

Stnv 4x02 engineering

Red for Engineering, grey for cadets

The standard uniform (worn when not otherwise instructed) consisted of a shirt with black collar worn with black trousers and boots. A black undershirt might be worn under the shirt. The shirt colour was gold for command and tactical, red for engineering and services, and blue for sciences and medicine. Cadets wore metallic grey.

The shirt had braid at the cuffs indicating rank. An assignment patch, varying according to ship or station, was worn on the left breast.

Rank insigniaEdit


Command Operations Sciences
Yellow (TOS) Red (TOS) Blue (TOS)
Green (TOS) Cream (TOS)


Ensign Lieutenant junior grade Lieutenant
Yellow (TOS)
LTJG (TOS).png
Yellow (TOS).png
LT (TOS).png
Yellow (TOS).png
Commander Captain
LCDR (TOS).png
Yellow (TOS).png
CDR (TOS).png
Yellow (TOS).png
CAPT (TOS).png
Yellow (TOS).png
Commodore Rear admiral Vice admiral
CDRE (TOS).png
Yellow (TOS).png
RADM (TOS).png
Yellow (TOS).png
VADM (TOS).png
Yellow (TOS).png
Admiral Fleet admiral
ADM (TOS).png
Yellow (TOS).png
FADM (TOS).png
Yellow (TOS).png

Optional female variantEdit

Exeter tti jo harris 2
Uniform 2265 dress

Women could instead wear a minidress (with rank braid and assignment badge) over black tights and black boots.

Situational variantsEdit

Uniform 2265 medical shirt

Medical shirt

Uniform 2265 jackets

A landing party dressed for cold weather.

A special short-sleeved tunic (made from a shinier fabric than the usual shirt) was worn by medical officers. (Starship Exeter: "The Tressaurian Intersection")

A black excursion jacket was worn by landing parties on planets with a cold climate. (Starship Farragut: "For Want of a Nail"; Tamerlane: "The Champion")

The landing-party jackets were produced for "For Want of a Nail" by Paul R. Sieber.

Captain's shirtEdit

Uniform 2265 wraparound

Wraparound shirt

Julienne Cochrane1

Wraparound dress

STNV MainCast low res

Rank insignia on cuffs

01 In Harms Way KirkKargh

Rank insignia on shoulders

Starship commanding officers had the option of a green wrap-around shirt. The collar was trimmed in black, giving an effect reminiscent of a kimono with black under-kimono. Female captains had the further choice of a wraparound minidress variation.

Working dressEdit

Uniform 2265 working

Mechanics wearing working uniform and officers wearing duty uniform

The standard working dress (mostly worn by enlisted personnel while working in shirt-sleeve environments) was a short-sleeved jumpsuit in division colour (gold, red, or blue), worn over a black shirt with black boots. (TOSS #12 "Environmental Systems")

Pressure suits, hazard suits, and other specialized clothing was also worn as needed.

Athletic dressEdit

Uniform 2265 cricket
Uniform 2265 cricket 2
Uniform 2265 cricket 3

Standard gear for sport was red tights or unitard, optionally combined with a red wraparound shirt tied with a belt at the waist. This uniform was red regardless of the wearer's division. (TOSS #6 "Nets")

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