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Starship: Endurance is the current name of a long running RPG set on board the Surya-class USS Endurance. Established in 2004 the ship has been active on at least four different websites. The ship was also the flagship of the now defunct Classictrek before moving to the now inactive Originaltrek fleet. The ship is now without any sort of fleet affiliation and exists with a core group of writers who continue to add to the amazing amount of history of the ship.

The Endurance has produced 9 quality episodes and continues to thrill readers as the authors continue to perfect the concept known as collaborative storytelling.


Episode 1 "Manifest Destiny"Edit

Stardate 04814.1

On its shake-down cruise, the USS Endurance discovered that Klingons had secretly established control over the borderlands world of Verian II — a Federation colony whose population rejected modern technology.

Episode 2 "Cage of Freedom"Edit

Stardate 4182.11

Members of the USS Endurance crew were kidnapped and tested by a powerful race of beings calling themselves the "Examiners." After three rounds of "tests," the kidnapped crewmembers were returned to the ship.

Episode 3 "Blood Lust"Edit

Stardate 4294.22

En route to Station K-13, the crew of the USS Endurance dealt with the after-effects of their ordeal with the Examiners. During the journey, Commander Savalis succumbed to a previously undiagnosed case of Pa'nar's Syndrome and died.

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