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It's life, Jim. But not as we know it.
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Starship Ajax is a web based fanfilm mini-series with a minimum of 6 episodes planned. It has been in the planning stages for about three years and was conceived and being developed by John Hughes.

The series is contemporaneous with Star Trek: The Original Series, i.e., 2267-2269. It is intended to return to the TOS environment in terms of the scripts and scenery. The series uses the same interpretation of the Star Trek universe as embodied by Franz Joseph's Star Fleet Technical Manual.

Starship Ajax is in pre-production and is refurbishing and completing the Starship Exeter physical bridge set -- with the endorsement and blessing of Jimm and Josh Johnson who produced Starship Exeter -- and building additional standing sets near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: full bridge and engineering sets, transporter room, briefing room, sickbay, captain's quarters, corridors -- about 90% of the original Paramount/Desilu Stage 9 sets.

Some special Effects CGI tests have been done of the ship posted at the group's Facebook page (see below). Frequent updates in photos and video production reports of the progress are posted by the producer and staff. Sanctioned by the Franz Joseph Schnaubelt estate, the production will adhere as much as possible to the design of the Saladin-class destroyer in the Star Fleet Technical Manual -- and Star Fleet Battles -- while keeping its narrative in tune with Star Trek: The Original Series, but not the evolving narrative of later Trek.

Applications for voluntary assistance with the production are at this time being considered. Character and story development is currently on hold as restoration of the Exeter bridge set and other sets at this time is a priority. Casting of local professional acting talent has yet to take place.

Background information[edit | edit source]

Starship Ajax begins with the assignment of Commander Charles Boone (similar to a Christopher Pike in appearance and demeanor) to command the destroyer USS Ajax after his demotion (by Admiral Fitzpatrick to spare Boone a court-martial) from the rank of Captain.

While commanding the starship USS Monitor, Boone had battered a Tellarite ambassador who Boone caught sexually assaulting a female yeoman in a corridor during a diplomatic conference.

Commander Boone, a Kentucky backwoodsman with a strong sense of justice, struggles with becoming embittered and does not take his demotion well. He find his new junior officers helping him to adjust ironic since he is known as a hero for what he did. Boone is a role model to many of the crew of what a Starfleet officer should be, and they find it a rude surprise that someone they look up to, has such internal turmoil. In time, his subordinate officers help him recover the respect and dignity that was unjustly stripped from him, and Boone later reaffirms his crew's admiration and loyalty.

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