Starship Farragut is an independent fan film series based on the original "Star Trek" television series, following the crew of the USS Farragut (NCC-1647), a Constitution-class starship, and takes place during the time of the legendary Captain James T. Kirk of the starship Enterprise (NCC-1701).

Produced by Farragut Films, Starship Farragut is the first independent film series to have full episodes in live-action, cartoon animation and comic book form.

Current Main Cast / Characters[edit | edit source]

USS Farragut command insignia Designed by Joseph Kerezman

The series features three central characters.

Current Supporting Cast / Characters[edit | edit source]

Previous Cast / Characters[edit | edit source]

Episodes[edit | edit source]

As of Summer 2014, Starship Farragut has released four full-length live-action episodes, three vignettes, two full animated episodes and a comic book. The fifth full-length episode, "The Crossing", is in post-production as of early 2015.

Starship Farragut Episodes[edit | edit source]

Title Episode Prod. # Stardate Original Airdate
The Captaincy 001 001 4625.1 23 February, 2007
For Want of a Nail 002 002 4847.3 03 December, 2007
The Price of Anything 003 003 5133.4 24 December, 2012
Conspiracy of Innocence 004 004 TBA TBA

Starship Farragut Vignettes[edit | edit source]

Title Episode Prod. no. Stardate Original airdate
Just Passing Through V01 V01 Unknown 19 April, 2011(*)
A Rock and a Hard Place V02 V02 4901.2 12 December, 2008
Night Shift V03 V03 Unknown 17 February, 2013

(*)NOTE: According to the Farragut website, this is the "release date" for Version 3 of the vignette. Version 1 premiered 22 November, 2008, but was deemed too much of a "rough-cut" for official release. It has since been included as an "extra" on the DVD release of the episode. No information exists on Version 2.

Starship Farragut Animated Episodes[edit | edit source]

Title Episode Prod. no. Stardate Original airdate
"Power Source" A01 A01 6050.5 20 July, 2009
"The Needs of the Many" A02 A02 6047.1 31 December, 2009

Starship Farragut Animated Comic Book[edit | edit source]

Title Episode Prod. no. Stardate Original airdate
"Dearly Departed" N/A N/A 3058.2 24 January, 2010

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