"Starship Rounds" was the fourth series of comics of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It contained twelve comic strips and was the third comic series of the fourth season.


Cell wearies of being tough. The Phoenix-X runs out of torpedoes.

Comic guideEdit

Within the category of 'Comics' (i.e., Comics 4) were each individualized 'Comic' (i.e., Comic 21, Comic 22, etc.).

Comics 4 Title Posted Prod. Code Synopsis Stardate Year
Comic 21 "Provoked" Dec 09 2010 PNX105_C004NA Seifer reports the ship being under attack. 64405.6 2386
Comic 22 "Too Klingon" Dec 09 2010 PNX105_C004NB Red questions his Klingon extremes. 64405.9 2386
Comic 23 "Space" Dec 09 2010 PNX105_C004NC Ensign Dan can't believe he's in space. 64406 2386
Comic 24 "Dependency" Dec 09 2010 PNX105_C004ND Cell questions everyone's dependancy on technology. 64406.1 2386
Comic 25 "Chicks" Dec 10 2010 PNX105_C004NE Lox joins Starfleet to 'pick up' women. 64411.4 2386
Comic 26 "Peak Efficiency" Dec 10 2010 PNX105_C004NF Kugo reports on the enemy vesssel. 64411.5 2386
Comic 27 "Read Minds" Dec 10 2010 PNX105_C004NG Kayl reminds Seifer she is telepathic. 64411.6 2386
Comic 28 "Shields" Dec 10 2010 PNX105_C004NH Armond reports on shield status. 64411.7 2386
Comic 29 "Ensign Dan" Dec 12 2010 PNX105_C004NI Cell forgets to relieve Ensign Dan from duty. 64413.2 2386
Comic 30 "Amazing" Dec 12 2010 PNX105_C004NJ Cell battles feelings over reconnaissance on pre-warp civilizations. 64435.9 2386
Comic 31 "Fire Arrogance" Dec 12 2010 PNX105_C004NK The Phoenix-X runs out of torpedoes mid-fight. 64445.4 2386
Comic 32 "Take Over" Dec 12 2010 PNX105_C004NL Seifer offers to take over Cell's position. 64446 2386

Memorable quotesEdit

"If I knew you were this dumb, I probably wouldn't have let you onboard."
"Sometimes, I think I'm too Klingon."

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