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Stone Trek was an internet-based flash-animated series, created by cartoon artist Brian Matthews out of his love for The Flintstones and Star Trek, following the unlikely adventures of the stoneship USS Magnetize (BCC-1701). What began as a series of humorous panels developed into a series that achieved a life of its own.


  • Captain James T. Kirkstone
  • Mr. Sprock - Vulcano first officer
  • Leonard "Fossils" RcKoy - ship's doctor
  • Montgomery "Shoddy" Shodd - chief engineer
  • Lieutenant Hikaru Silu - helmsman
  • Lieutenant Uhearya - communications officer
  • Ensign Pavel Chipov - navigator
  • Nurse Christine Charcoal



Flash plug-in required.

Star Trek: The Stoneship Files[]

After capturing a Klingon convoy, the Stoneship got a copy of a holographic program depicting the show's set from the crew of the Magnetize, en route to the Darth Mall on Xita. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "At the Soapbox Races")

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