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The Stoneship (BC-347) was the lead ship of the Stoneship-class. She was a dual-purpose galactic survey cruiser/hospital ship under the service of the Lyran Starfleet in the early 25th century. With Brianna Reiss at its command (and helm), it undertook its shakedown cruise in early 2401, in which it was found that the ship could safely cruise at warp 9.75 and perform an high-energy turn at 0.75c with a radius of 100 km. The ship was later diverted to Malachor V in order to rescue hostages on the planet. There, it performed well in battle, defeating the IKS Khokkit and a Kzinti heavy cruiser in a surprise attack on the WYN pirate cartel. Like its sister ships, she was equipped with the latest targeting computers and they performed as expected during the hostage rescue over Malachor V. Because of the amount of dimension stone used in its construction, Lisunia, its science officer, found that the Stoneship had a prehistoric feel.

This ship contained several holographic programs, like Stoneship Enterprise and the Malachor Grand Prix, as well as several holodecks and sickbays, which were used while the Stoneship was dispatched to survey the Andiert and the Vantaa sectors. Finally, she was used to carry the two most important officers, as well as marble quarried on Malachor V, to the Monastir Fleet Yards. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Highly Illogical")

The ship played an instrumental role in defeating the rogue U'lanna astro-miner in the Idlewild system, and later was refitted at Starbase 47 (Lyran) to be armed like a dreadnought so it could counter the Khin'Vagh-class dreadnoughts deployed on the Lyran theater. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "A Knight without Armor")

In early 2402, the Stoneship became the flagship of the 100th Tactical Wing, headquartered on Malachor V. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Chronicles of Taladu")

It received another refit in 2402, bringing its carrying capacity from 8 to 40 Lyran shuttles, turning the Stoneship into a carrier so that it could operate unescorted during the U'lanna campaign. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Ancient Horrors")

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The Stoneship was named after the stoneship (Stone Trek) and, with it, came the use of the term stonedate in Star Trek: The Stoneship Files in lieu of stardate.

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