In starship classification, a strike cruiser is a type of cruiser that is designed to penetrate enemy formations to strike at critical targets.

Following the Dominion War Starfleet planned to create a variant of heavy cruisers, tentatively referred to as "strike cruisers" that made use of the latest developments in propulsion technology and design to produce heavy cruisers that had the performance more akin to a standard cruiser in terms of speed and manoeuvrability. (Spacedock: The Advanced Starship and Construction Manual)

The Romulan Star Navy used vessels that it classified as strike cruisers, which were roughly equivalent to the Starfleet version. They also used the swift cruiser designation for vessels that were similar to strike cruisers. (Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 5: Starships of the Romulan Star Empire)

Types of strike cruiser[edit | edit source]

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