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Structural Unemployment is the third episode in the Star Trek: False Vacuum series, launched on May 15, 2015.


Upon detecting faint distress signals from an old vessel, the USS Antechrist flies to Thuban to investigate. An away team is deployed planetside, near Echo Station 3-T-8, where the wreckage of the USS Boston was found near Echo Station 3-T-8. Dunames Lopez met with Rabu nearby and even ate on the campus of the Berlusconi Institute for Excellence in Profiteering, while having discussions about underemployment and how it contributes to structural unemployment.

After they examined the wreckage and found nothing, Deadwing and his men returned to ship, and instead Daisy Pammant sent for Ariane Binks, Tortis and Dunames on attack fighters to search for a derelict in space. Upon locating the wreckage, they found a derelict Starstreak-class freighter, equipped with a subspace equaliscopic system, shooting it down.

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