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Commander Aristotle Enfield is on a Vulcan ship.


Commander Aristotle Enfield is participating in an officer exchange program on board a Vulcan ship.

Memorable quotes[]

"Captain, absolutely delicious, the various broths and teas really accent some of these incredible vegetable and fruit dishes. The other Vulcans on board were very cooperative in my quest to try out a menu that might be served on board my new temporary assignment. The Vulcan soy beans make a denser tofu than Earth ones that add lots of protein and bulk, and the different rice and other starches make it quite flavorful, I’ve already thanked the crewmembers for making copies of their food cards so I may sample like a Vulcan buffet,” A yeoman puts down some more dishes and quickly leaves the scene, “Incredible, the Vulcans are not known for spicy but they know flavor. My hats off to you and your species, Captain."
Commander Aristotle Enfield to Captain Serek in regards to his Vulcan cuisine.


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