Super-Jupiter Beacon is the fourteenth episode of Star Trek: The Stoneship Files and the final episode of the first season.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Act 1[edit | edit source]

The Clouseau, under the command of Fariss, gets heavily damaged by space beasts near a beacon located inside a class I planet. Brianna Reiss offers to take over the mission and set course towards the beacon. In transit, however, Makari played his movie night of the Longueuil Cup semifinal pitting Edouard Montpetit College and Tufts University, with the other participants being amazed at contestants of the past like Gwen Fairfax, who was in graduate school, and Camelia Winiarz, who underwent stomach pumping.

Act 2[edit | edit source]

Upon entering the Burning Zone, Cindy has the ship's bio-neural circuitry inoculated with dahliarazine in order to penetrate the radioactive static, and then the ship was attacked by the rogue beasts, hitting the pharmacy while realizing that the armament was front-heavy and deploying attack fighters right after. While the mothership fired expanding sphere generators in a relativistic-speed pass, the fighters detected the device into a protostar, later found to be equivalent in conditions to a brown dwarf.

Act 3[edit | edit source]

While the beasts were being killed, Hania tells the bridge crew that the device they're looking for is on the surface of a brown dwarf-equivalent protostar. the Stoneship goes to low orbit, flying at a non-relativistic speed not knowing that doing so near a brown dwarf could damage the navigational deflector. Meanwhile, Mandy Guilmain writes a letter of recommendation for Pinrod at Wesleyan A&M while his father is watching the final legs of the Longueuil Cup. Upon finding the beacon, in good condition, they were disappointed in not finding as much technology as they expected to.

Act 4[edit | edit source]

With the beacon in tow, the Stoneship flies toward Maaz to get the navigational deflector and sensors inspected and repaired. Pinrod files his application for WAMU and his classmates proceed to talk about their university admissions decision, with Jauffret mentioning Tufts Syndrome as a reason why Pinrod couldn't get anywhere until WAMU, and Peokaa not getting into Asimov University while attending Braytac University. Pinrod gets to spend an overnight at Wesleyan A&M and, ultimately, gets accepted and attends that university.

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