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Super saiyan (also spelled Super Saiyajin or SSJ) is a state that a person (usually but not limited to a Saiyan) can transform into if they have a sufficient power level. Transformation becomes easier when angered or after training.

After becoming a super saiyan, it is possible to ascend again to another state of super saiyan, (called super saiyan 2) and then again and again, up to super saiyan 10, (a theoretical limit, representing infinite power level). In this way super saiyan factors can be compared with warp factors, with the energy curve rising more and more steeply before hitting an asymptote at 10.


When transformed into a super saiyan, the following effects are observed:

  • Yellow/Golden hair (ssj1-3)
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Visible yellow glowing aura
  • Occasional flickers of lightning in the aura (ssj2+)
  • Greater amounts of hair (ssj3+)
  • Transformation into a more primate (ssj4-7) or lizard (ssj10) looking form
  • Sudden epiphanies

Known super saiyans[]

Star Trek: Paradigms[]

Trapped in an alternate universe, Jean-Luc Hyperriker became angered and powered up to a super saiyan, eventually using his super saiyan energy to modify the warp core and fix the holes in the fabric of time.

Also, Neelix after stabbing a dilithium crystal into his forehead, became extremely powerful, reaching the theoretical limit of super saiyan 10, transforming him into a lizard. (Star Trek: Paradigms: "One million chances")

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