A sword is a hand-held, bladed weapon common in pre-industrial humanoid cultures.

Often swords and depictions of swords are used symbolically long after their offensive capabilities are eclipsed by higher-technology weaponry. Klingons wear multi-bladed swords and daggers in everyday dress. (TNG and DS9 various, Star Trek: Operation Beta Shield)

During the period known as the awakening, S'harien, an ancient Vulcan swordsmith, was renowned for making some of the finest swords on the planet, three of these swords would come into the possession of the Romulans.(The Romulan Way article at Memory Beta, the non-canon Star Trek wiki.)

The Starfleet Marine Corps carry a cutlass as part of their standard equipment. (Star Trek: New Order)

Root brought a pair of Japanese swords with him on to the USS Mumbai. They were stored in the ship's armoury. (TOSS #33 "Daishō")

World of Warcraft used swords in plenty of occasions, as well as the Party Quest. Also, the gunblade was made out of a sword and a disruptor. Finally, swords were used on the planet of the Were-Hawks because firearms were very crude and unreliable. (RIS Bouteina)

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