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Lt Commander T'Hil Ruan Bay was the Chief Engineer onboard the USS Artemis. (Star Trek: Artemis)


T'Hil was born as Morgan Bay on Betazed, she was raised mostly by her father due to her mother and older brother being away on historical research. Morgan traveled often with the crew of the USS Illusion as a youth, as a result she was able to spend time on Romulus with Illusion's Romulan crewmembers. After several visits to the Romulan homeworld, some of the crew, both Romulan and Starfleet, gave the name "T'Hil" to Morgan. The name stuck and she has carried it since.

T'Hil entered college for geology on Betazed before taking an interest in Starfleet. She entered the Academy for engineering and ship security. T'Hil graduated from Starfleet Academy as 14th of her class. The first ship she applied to for the position of Chief Engineer was the USS Raleigh, she was not accepted. She continued to study geology on different planets for some time until she was accepted aboard the exploration vessel USS Bravado. Her position terminated after the ship crashed into a planetoid, leaving her scarred and wary of others. T'Hil returned to Betazed to serve on sea-faring vessel. She went back to Starfleet and joined dry dock repair teams, assigned to the service craft Dunharrow. She continued to apply for positions aboard several starships that entered dry dock. T'Hil later joined the USS Bravado, assigned to Engineering then the USS Artemis where she became the Chief Engineer.

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Natalie Portman beat out actresses like Anne Hathaway and Megan Fox to play T'Hil Bay.

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